Island Mango & Peach White Tea from Lipton Tea

White Tea with Island Mango and Peach from LiptonSometimes I buy tea for quantity and other times for quality.  A while back I was looking to restock and wanted something different and didn’t want to spend a lot of money.  It had been a while since I tried anything different from Lipton so I figured ‘why not?’ – lucky for me, Wal-Mart had it super cheap!

The box said White Tea with Island Mango and Peach from Lipton.  I’ll give it a shot… why not?

I must say – this tea smells awesome… then again I’m a fan of mango and peach. The peach scent might come through a tad more than the mango but not by much. It’s a true white tea color. It’s also flavorful for a white tea… more so than most I have tried, especially bagged. The longer it steeps the more you can smell the mango.

Lipton describes this tea as:

First discovered in the Fujian province of China, Lipton White Tea is plucked by hand from the tips of tea buds before the leaf blossoms, to preserve the natural goodness of the whole leaf. Our tea is then packaged in our unique pyramid-shaped bags that allow the long-leaf tea to flow freely with real orange leaves and lemongrass for a truly authentic tea infusion.

Ingredients: white tea, Green Tea, orange leaves, rose hips, lemongrass, licorice root, modified corn starch, natural flavor.

It’s weird but in a good way that within the same sip you can taste the peach to start and by the end of the sip you get the mango. You can taste both main fruit flavors but can still tell it’s supposed to be a white tea. It’s one of those teas that make you think but you can still enjoy it. I would try this again.

One thing I wouldn’t suggest is oversteeping this.  It does get bitter.  I’m very excited that Lipton has come out with some new ideas and has been evolving as of late.

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I must admit I’d become quite the tea snob, buying medium- to high-end teas. But a flood of memories of early Saturday mornings, my mom making us a each a cup of her hardy Lipton tea, she doing the family wash, me watching cartoons overcame me when I saw this flavored black tea.

I don’t have the sophisticated style of the reviewers on this site, but I had to add an amen to the reviewer’s take on the Mango Peach. I will go a bit further and say the aroma, as well as the deep flavor absolutely uplift and refresh me, especially in late afternoon.

I made a cup for a tea-snob neighbor of mine, without telling her it was Lipton and she insisted on taking her cup across the street to finish it. When I told her it was Lipton, she bought me (and herself)Lipton’s Bavarian Wild Berry, which is also a sensory experience.

I’m taking over-long to say this so people reluctant to visit or re-visit the old and much maligned Lipton will feel supported to just try them as they expand and attempt to become more competitive.

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