Jade Mountain from T2 Teas

T2 Jade Mountain TeaThe other day I visited a T2 Tea store – a modern, exciting, and colourful store with a HUGE range of premium teas and teaware. And home to a delicious brew called Jade Mountain.

They’re always brewing up some delicious blends, so I often pop-in to one of their stores when passing, even if it’s just for a refreshing brew!

The store clerk on this particular day was brewing up some Jade Mountain – they sold it to me by asking if I liked Ferrero Rocher . . . to which, of course, I replied – who doesn’t!

Now, I’m often skeptical of teas that claim to taste like something – especially when it’s something indulgent like chocolate and hazelnut – but oh wow! This tea delivered the flavour it promised.

It’s a Ferrero Rocher without the fat!

I had to grab myself a box after trying the sample, so I thought I’d share the experience with you guys too.

It’s a loose leaf tea, so you’ll need a filter or a strainer.

On opening the box, and the bag inside, the smell of hazelnut and chocolate hits you – with its base of Genmaicha, the toastiness of the popped rice just intensifies the indulgent smell that escapes from the bag.

On brewing, it has a very delicate light brown colour – despite it being essentially a Green Tea.

Now, for all you green tea haters – let me stop you right there. This is not green tea as you know it. No bitterness, no ‘grassiness’, no nausea after drinking. You wouldn’t even know this tea is based on green leaves – it’s so indulgent, sweet, and rich.

On tasting, the tea delivers just as much in flavour as it does in fragrance – imagine liquefying Ferrero Rocher and adding warm water. It really is that good!

In fact, I think this is officially my favourite tea of all time – and I’ve drank a lot of tea in my time!

Here’s what T2 say about the tea themselves:

Grab a book, curl up and let the utopia of cocoa, brittle pieces and green tea in Jade Mountain whisk you away to somewhere serene.

And I couldn’t agree more. It’s a tea for closing your eyes, sipping, and indulging in the moment.

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