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Good morning tea-lovers!

Today I am going to sample Jasmine Green Tea from Tea Story.

I was sent this from Tea Story a little while ago and I miss placed it.

I am really excited to try this.

I cannot explain how much I love Jasmine and Green Tea so I think this is going to be special.

I prepare my kettle, take out my china cup and savour the teas aroma from the pack.

There is an almighty Jasmine scent coming from the specially designed pyramid teabags.

At this moment I can only smell Jasmine but that’s fine by me as it makes me think of fresh flowers in the summer (just perfect on a gloomy cold English day!)

My kettle has now boiled so I leave it for a couple of minutes just to cool off a bit.

Tea Story advise to use 1 pyramid bag per cup, steep for 2-3 mins and to infuse at 70 degrees.

I am now ready to pour the hot liquid over my teabag and leave to infuse.

3 minutes later I am now ready to try my flowery brew!

I take a sip and its like summer in a cup. This tea is powerfully Jasmine scented yet now the green tea is pulling through quite nicely just taking a bit of an edge off the Jasmine.

Tea Story describes this tea as-

The cup is bright orange with light jasmine taste.

Box consists of 16 individually wrapped pyramids.

Perk yourself up with this fragrant tea. The naturally sweet jasmine blossom generates a positive mood whilst the green tea pleasantly invigorates. When drinking it, you are sure to enjoy various subtleties within its taste.

medium caffeine

Brewing Instructions: 1 pyramid per cup, 2-3 min, 70 °C

 Overall I would give this tea 10/10 for freshness, taste and quality.



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