Jasmine Pearls from Narien Teas

Jasmine Pearls from Narien Teas

To me, Jasmine Pearls are the shining stars of the Green Tea world.  Jasmine pearls are an exquisite example of the beauty of green tea.  Each pearl is comprised of fine Chinese green tea leaves which have been infused with the essence of the jasmine flower, giving them a heady floral aroma and flavor.  Then the jasmine infused leaves are rolled into tiny solid balls.

Narien Teas recommend using 6-8 pearls per cup, and an earlier review from someone else on pearls said 7 was the magic number, so I began my tasting with 7 pearls, and indeed that produced a lovely, strong and delicious cup of tea.  Unlike most other teas, no strainer of any kind is needed, simply drop the pearls directly into the water!  Watching the pearls unfurl in the hot water is almost a zen-like moment, and you can leave them in for the duration of your drinking time, and if you wish, even use them to re-brew another cup!

Narien Teas describes this tea as:

Jasmine Pearls is a gently rolled fragrant green tea that has been scented with fresh jasmine blossoms. Infuses into a sweet-flavored cup with a flowery jasmine aroma.  Origin:   Fujian Province, China

Many different tea company’s make Jasmine Pearl teas, but Narien Teas Jasmine Pearls are some of the most fragrant and high quality Jasmine Pearls I’ve found! Giving off clean, bright grassy green notes of fresh green tea  behind the more feminine touch of the jasmine, which is delicate yet strong enough to leave an impression in your cup!

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Ahh… I do love jasmine pearls!

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