Jasmine & Rose Tea from Chai, Baby!

Jasmine & Rose Green Tea from Chai BabyOkay, I’ll admit it, I’m impressed.  Everything about this tea delights me.  It tastes like a very high quality jasmine pearl tea blended with roses, to be blunt.  The rose isn’t overpowering though, it – as well as the jasmine – is very subtle and authentic.  They don’t taste fake or syrupy in any way, which is what makes this tea so fabulous!

It is a very feminine tea, with light airy floral tones, along with a truly delicious Green Tea base which is not grassy, but rich soft and sweet.   In fact I really believe that the green tea used in this tea is of exceptional quality which really shows through when you are drinking it.

Chai, Baby! describes this tea as:

Bloom, baby! Our wonderfully fragrant, all-natural Jasmine & Rose Tea combines premium green tea leaves with delicate jasmine buds, rose petals and more.
Ingredients: Green tea leaves, jasmine buds, rose petals, marigold (Calendula) petals

16 clear pyramid sachets in our vibrant signature tin. (Note: each tea sachet can be used 2-3 times in the same sitting.)

Traveling to the tropics is always an intense experience. No matter how often we visit, we are always stunned by our first steps off the cold, sterile airplane into a world of bright, bold colors and scents.   For us, the most pleasurable sensory experience of tropical travel is the fragrance of jasmine — it seems to linger even after we return home to the cold.

We decided that we must have jasmine with us here in the U.S. all year round!  Our Jasmine & Rose Tea adds lovely jasmine buds (not syrup or perfume!) to the finest green tea.   And mingling with this delightful mixture are rose petals that remind us of the luscious colors also waiting for us on our next trip.

The clear mesh bags provide a clear view of the tippy green tea leaves, the whole dried jasmine buds and rose petals.  I also found that this tea never got bitter.  Again I think this is the result of using very high quality green tea leaves.   Very elegant and indulgent, and one of my favorites from Chai, Baby!   Oh and did I mention that these really fabulous tea sachets come in one heck of a gorgeous tea tin, that you will want to make sure you show off!

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