Joli Glass Mug with Infuser

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Joli Glass Mug with Infuser

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I actually got this mug from Teavana long before I ever actually bought tea from them. I always had trouble with loose tea because I find a metal tea ball always makes my tea taste funny and metallic and a bamboo one adds and odd taste too. In fact, before I got this glass, I either put loose tea in a heat seal tea bag, or I used a ceramic infusing mug that I got from Chinatown. (While the mug was nice, the infuser part had huge holes that pretty much all of the tea leaves would float out of into my cup. While it worked, it certainly wasn’t ideal.) That’s why I was so happy to find this mug because it has teeny, tiny slits that only the finest particles of tea get through.

Teavana describes this cup as:

Our Joli glass mug is composed of {en:Borosilicate} glass which tends to be stronger and more heat resistant than conventional glassware, yet appears more delicate (although durable) with an air of sophistication. Glass is the ideal material to enjoy the color and clarity of a fine cup of tea. The name “Joli” means “Beautiful” in French, and we feel that this stylish and classical piece of work is just that. This mug comes with an amply sized removeable [Sic] clear glass infuser, which will allow you to better view the tea leaves dancing in your cup as they infuse. Comes with matching lid. 10oz.
Exclusively Made for Teavana

I’ve been using this mug multiple times a day for months and I can assure you that it is much more durable than it looks. I’m the type of person that usually ends up breaking these types of things in days, so the fact that I still have it says something for the quality. A glass mug is usually hard to drink hot drinks out of because normally you have to heat the glass first with hot tap water so it won’t crack when the boiling water goes in it. I’m pretty lazy and our kitchen sink takes a while to heat up. So I’ve ended up pouring boiling hot water into the very cold glass and so far it hasn’t cracked! Amazing.

The only downside is that because the slits of the infuser part are so small it takes a little longer for the infuser to drain once you lift it out of the cup. I’ve forgotten this a few times (okay, more than a few times) and ended up spilling hot tea on myself. But really, that is a minor complaint (and my own dumb fault). Otherwise I absolutely love this mug!



WOW this is great, going to have to go check it out


I was trying to see how it works
is it similar to this? a lot of leaves got out in this one


Ohh nice! That mug I gotta have! 😉


It’s similar to that video Beth (I’m gonna run home and see if I can put the infuser inside the lid like they showed. That would be great!) and yeah, some stuff gets through. Herbal and fresh large leafed tea doesn’t but some smaller stuff does. I would actually not try drinking roobios from this cup since that stuff is tiny.
It’s still my all time favorite mug ever!

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