Joy Tea from Tazo

joyThis limited edition tea is amply named… it is a joy to drink. In fact, I’m sipping a cup of it as I write.

If you are afraid of Green Teas, or don’t enjoy their flavor, but would like the benefit from green tea – you can find it in Joy. Amazingly, Tazo has combined some of the most delicious Black Teas and green tea for a smooth gentle flavor.

Unlike their Awake tea, this one brews up golden due to the Darjeeling and the green tea. It smells like a black tea, but tastes soft, gentle and smooth.

Here’s how Tazo describes it on the Starbucks website:

Tazo Joy is a delicate yet full cup, created with some of the finest varietal teas available. Rare Darjeelings and Formosa Oolongs are paired with light-bodied, fragrant Nuwara Eliya teas from Ceylon. Yunnan teas from the high plateaus of Southern China and Southern India Nilgiris add texture and complexity.

This tea is so soothing and perfect – especially with a little milk and sugar!



I'm really starting to enjoy tea blends with more than one type of tea, and this one seems to have a whole lot of variety in it!!


Hi Melanie,
I’m a student and I’m taking a course on social media in public relations. I’ve chosen to do a project on Tazo Tea. We are learning how the brand appears in conversations through blogs, news sites and informational feeds on-line. I’m also new to the art of tea! I’m curious; do you have any other Tazo favorites? And do you prefer teabags or loose leaf teas? Thanks for replying!

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