Keemun Mao Feng from Dammann Frères

Keemun Mao Feng from Dammann FrèresThese dry leaves are much more colorful than this photo might suggest.  They are deep chocolate-y brown in color, with lots of golden tips.

The aroma of the dry leaf is quite faint – to the point of being almost nondescript.  However, that all changes once the tea is brewed.  The liquor smells so good.  A warm fragrance with hints of spice and fruit.  YUM!  I just love a good Keemun.

And this is a very good Keemun.   It is a very robust, full-bodied tea.  It offers a spiced floral taste that is accompanied by a woodsy tone at the start, and leads into a delicious, fruity finish that is almost wine-like.  It has a very pleasant level of astringency – not strong or overwhelming – but just enough to keep the palate feeling clean and wanting more.

Dammann Frères describes this tea as

This high quality Keemun tea originates from Anhui province. Its large leaves and golden tips produce a full-bodied liquor with rich character spicy flavour giving way to fruity undertones. Organic Tea.

I enjoyed this Keemun quite a bit; however, I must admit that it isn’t the best Keemun I’ve tried.   I think I was expecting it to deliver a deeper, richer flavor – similar to that of other Keemun teas that I’ve tried.  That is not to say that this is not a good tea, it is!  It’s quite delicious and certainly worthy of a try.  Especially if you enjoy Keemun teas like I do.  It is a tea that explores the lighter – and organic! – side of Keemun tea.

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