Kiyoto Lemon Flavored Green Tea from TeaFrog

Kiyoto Lemon Flavored Green Tea from TeaFrogWhen I first opened the package, there was no doubt that this was a lemon flavored tea – it has a very strong, lemon-y aroma.

The lemon flavor is equally as vibrant in this tea:  bright and flavorful!  The Green Tea – a Chinese Sencha – is fresh tasting, and is balanced nicely with the lemon flavor.  There is a delicious, buttery note from the Sencha that melds with the lemon very well and reminds me a bit of lemon curd!  YUM!

Sweet-wood is one of the ingredients in this blend.  Sweet-wood is also known as licorice root, and I can taste a very delicate licorice quality to the cup, although it is quite understated.

The peppermint is also quite demure in this blend.  What these two herbs do in this blend, primarily (at least, from this taster’s perspective) is cut through some of the tartness of the lemon, to give the tea a smoother, sweeter quality.

Tea Frog describes this blend as

A lemony treat for your tastebuds, this flavored green tea tingles your tongue with Chinese Sencha tea combined with lemon and mint herbs and flavoring. Great as an afternoon pick-me up, or as an accompaniment to a sweet desert.

Ingredients: China Sencha, Sweet-wood, Lemongrass, Peppermint, Lemon Peel

The flavor of this tea speaks to me of summertime – and because of that, iced is the way to serve it!  That is not to say that you can’t drink it hot – it’s quite good that way.  But the sweet, lemony flavor is just perfect to serve as an iced tea to guests while lounging around in the sunshine!

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