Kukicha Roasted from Narien Teas

Kukicha Roasted from Narien TeasI just love the roasty-toasty flavor of Kukicha.  It is so comforting and soothing!  And because this Kukicha from Narien Teas has been roasted, it has even more of that roasty-toasty flavor that I love so much.

The aroma is sweet and nutty reminds me a bit of the smell of freshly roasted nuts, although there is a woodsy tone to the scent as well as a slightly earthy quality too.  All of these characteristics translate to the flavor, which is caramel-y sweet with honey-esque tones, roasted nutty, with a wood-ish note.  The earthy note doesn’t come through quite as noticeably in the flavor as it does in the fragrance, but since I’m not particularly keen on strong earthy flavors, that’s quite alright with this taster.  There is a slight earthy flavor in the background, but, certainly not a strong or overbearing earthiness.

What I mostly get from this cup is the remarkable sweetness.  It is – like I mentioned in the previous paragraph – quite similar to a burnt-sugar caramel taste with honey highlights.  It’s incredibly sweet – the kind of sweetness that makes me smack my lips and want more!  My sweet tooth happily approves!

Narien Teas describes this tea as

Kukicha Roasted is a green “twig” tea from japan, that has been roasted.

Kukicha is made from the stems, stalks, and twigs of the tea plant. It is sometimes added to juices and other beverages.

Thin brown tea tea stems, stalks, and twigs infuse a sweet woody cup with a slightly nutty flavor.

Kukicha is typically a light-to-medium bodied tea and this one is no exception.  It has a beautiful flavor that is loaded with sweetness.  The roasty-toasty flavor of Kukicha has a very autumnal feel to me, and even though it isn’t autumn, it is certainly a comforting cup to sip on this wet, rainy spring evening.  I also find Kukicha to be an incredibly soothing drink, as it tends to aid me when I have an upset stomach – which I have now thanks to tonight’s delicious yet rather turbulent chili relleno dinner.  It is calming my tummy and relaxing the spirit.  A perfect tea for this evening.

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