Kukicha Twig Tea from Good 4 You

Kukicha Twig Tea

Kukicha Twig Tea

{en:Kukicha_tea|Kukicha} (茎茶) has a mildly nutty, and slightly creamy sweet flavor.

It is made of four sorts of stems, stalks and twigs of {en:Camellia_sinensis|Camellia sinensis}. For best results, {en:Kukicha_tea|Kukicha} is steeped in water between 70°C to 80°C (155°F – 180°F) for three minutes (oversteeping or steeping too hot, as with all Green Teas, will result in a bitter, unsavory brew).

Good 4 You Etsy| Site describes this tea as:

Organic {en:Kukicha_tea|Kukicha} tea. The Japanese art of collecting stems and twigs from the green tea plant. Then letting them age for a little time and finally finishing the harvest with a light roast. A sweet nectar! (LOW CAFFEINE) mmmm mmm yum.

twig tea boxInitially I was very intrigued by this tea, as it is just now becoming more widely available to regular tea drinkers.  And it’s appearance is exactly as shown in the photo – sticks!!  However I was extremely surprised at the smoky, nutty flavor of this tea which tastes like a milder, softer {en:Lapsang_souchong|Lapsang Souchong}.  I really enjoyed the roasted, green flavor!  Overall an excruciatingly gorgeous tea for something that looks like a the start of a campfire.

And I also have to say that I was SO very impressed by the packaging of Good 4 You, which you can see there.  All of her gorgeous teas and herbs come so lovingly and carefully packaged.  It is like a work of art! Her packaging is just as amazing as the tea itself, making this one incredible tea experience!



Wow that looks very organic and woody

Lainie Petersen

I love a good kukicha and definitely look forward to trying this one!

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