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Welcome to our ongoing feature at The Tea Review Blog, Earl Grey of the Week! Almost every tea company offers their own version of an Earl Grey tea. Enjoy our Earl Grey of the Week feature where we highlight an Earl Grey tea each and every week on Saturday evenings at 11 pm CST. This week we feature a fantastic Earl Grey from Lahloo Tea!Earl Grey of the Week

Lahloo Earl Grey from Lahloo TeaI’ve tasted a lot of Earl Grey teas.  Quite a L-O-T.  So when an Earl Grey tea catches my interest and my taste buds like this Earl Grey from Lahloo Tea, I sit up and pay attention!  Truly this is an exquisite Earl Grey tea, with a strong, deliciously malty Assam Black Tea mixed with a tippy muscatel Darjeeling as it’s base.

The bergamot flavoring is not only authentic, but very STRONG, which I love.  This particular Earl Grey is nice and strong without any hint of bitterness or astringency.   Certainly one of the best Earl Grey blends I’ve tasted.

I think the base of Assam and Darjeeling are what really make this tea special.  Both are very high quality teas, with a strong and brisk flavor.  There are so many layers to this teas fragrances and flavor that it’s almost impossible not to enjoy this one.

Lahloo Tea describes this tea as:

The story: Legend has it that in 1800, the Earl of Grey was given this tea. He liked Earl Grey tea so much that he brought the tea recipe back to England and it has been one of the nation’s favourites teas since.

♥ Aromatic Himalayan Darjeeling and rich, tippy Assam give the tea bundles of flavour
♥ Uplifting, fruity and citrusy afternoon tea
♥ PS. Kate loves it chilled with gin and lemon juice as a ‘mar-tea-ni’ later in the day!

Indian second flush black tea and cold pressed {en:Bergamot} oil

More than just a bergamot flavored black tea, this tea makes it’s mark on the Earl Grey scene with an uplifting brightness full of flavor.  When it arrived in the mail, even though I knew it was a British tea (and as my fiancé said when he saw the box…”Well, it’s from England…if there’s anyone who knows how to do tea right, it’s the British”), I was still a bit skeptical because Earl Grey teas vary so much in quality and taste that even some British Earl Grey teas don’t quite measure up.  This Earl Grey from Lahloo does measure up however, being one of the best flavored, strongest Earl Grey teas I’ve had the pleasure to sample.  A must-have for any Earl Grey lover!

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Lainie Petersen

Weird. I just reviewed the tea myself, but found the bergamot to be quite subtle. I wonder what happened?

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