Lavender Earl Grey from Upton Tea

Welcome to our ongoing feature at The Tea Review Blog, Earl Grey of the Week! Almost every tea company offers their own version of an Earl Grey tea. Enjoy our Earl Grey of the Week feature where we highlight an Earl Grey tea each and every week on Saturday evenings at 11 pm CST. This week we feature an Earl Grey from Upton Tea Imports.Earl Grey of the WeekLavender Earl Grey from Upton TeaWhat a lovely take on Earl Grey!  The lavender is a delightful pairing with the {en:bergamot}, it is like they were made for one another.

The aroma of this tea is beautiful – it smells strongly of lavender (and I love lavender!) and I love the way the bergamot comes through.  It could easily be a perfume rather than a tea, it smells that good!

But, fortunately, it doesn’t taste like perfume.  Even when I inhale deeply before taking a sip.  There ARE strong floral notes (obvious!) but the Black Tea flavor comes through enough to cancel out any strong perfume-y flavors that might hit the palate.

This is really a pleasure to sip.  The black tea is strong but does not overpower the cup.  It has a fair amount of astringency.  With that astringency comes a slight drying sensation, but it isn’t as overly drying as some teas can be.

The citrus flavor is lighter here than in many Earl Grey blends, but that’s ok.  This is classic Earl Grey with a lovely feminine twist!  I like how the floral notes shine through in this cup.  It is pungent and sweet, just a little sharp, a little tart and possesses a bright disposition.  It is lovely!

Upton Tea Imports describes this tea as

Starting with a premium Earl Grey, we’ve added the essence of lavender, which blends harmoniously with the traditional Bergamot scenting. Lavender blossoms lend a visual appeal to this pleasing selection.

Ingredients: black tea, lavender flowers, natural flavor

I like this tea a lot.  I enjoyed a drizzle of raw honey in this, as I found that it brought out some of the fruity qualities of the tea, as well as toned down the sharpness just enough for my palate.  I didn’t add any milk or cream to it, though, as I don’t usually add milk or cream to my Earl Grey teas, and I don’t know how this tea would fair with such an addition with the lavender.  I think it would be a little too weird!

This is flavorful hot or chilled. I didn’t think I would like this one iced, but I really do.  It has a very refreshing, invigorating taste!

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Miss Ash

Mmm two of my favorite flavors. YUM!

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