Lavender Romance Blooming Tea from Grand Tea

Lavender RomanceBefore brewing, this tea is nothing more than a bundle of leaves, looking a lot like a tulip bulb… pretty nondescript.  But when it is exposed to hot water, the leaves slowly open up to reveal a surprise buried within:  a beautiful floral display consisting of a short, leafy coral-red bloom and several slender white blossoms that shoot up from a singular elegant stem and reaches the very top of my glass tea cup.

I think that this is (thus far) my favorite blooming tea.  As the Lavender part of the title might suggest, the tea is scented with lavender (and in fact, as the tea bulb unfurls, it releases many little lavender blossoms that rise to the surface), which is one of my favorite floral flavors for tea.

The Green Tea is delicious, not extraordinarily grassy-tasting, instead, it is a lovely, gentle flavor that perfectly complements the lavender.  The lavender is sweet, yet pungent with sharp notes.

Grand Tea describes this tea as:

Blooming tea is a small bundle of dry tea leaves and flowers hand-embroidered together with cotton thread into a ball. When steeped, the ball opens up and transforms into a bouquet of flower.

Because of it’s strong feminine presence, this would be a lovely tea to serve at a garden party — in glass teapots, of course!   It would be a great way to break the ice too, as everyone watches the flower bloom, in great expectation of the tea that will be produced after the show.

This is a very rejuvenating tea, one that promotes an overall sense of relaxation, and tastes great too.  A truly outstanding tea time experience!

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Gloria P.

I don’t know about this tea. It sounds rather flowery, even though the tiny Lavender flowers, floating to the surface of a glass tea pot, sounds like a delightful treat for the eyes! This display is sure to be a winner, and get many “Oooohs, and Aaaaahs!” from guests at an Afternoon Tea. If this tea, while I’m sure is very pretty, and fragrant, as I suspect tastes “perfumy”, I certainly wouldn’t like it.

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