Lavender Rose White Tea from The Jasmine Pearl

Lavender RoseThe fragrance of this tea is amazing – lovely floral notes mingling with a hint of lemon and the faintest hint of the sweet scent that can only be compared to that of freshly mown grass.  It truly is a beautiful aroma, one that I’d love to have bottled to use as an air freshener.  I even asked my favorite soap artist to come up with a handmade soap with a similar fragrance, I love it so much!

I must admit that my first attempt with brewing this tea was disappointing.  The water was a bit too hot, and the result was a very bitter tasting, ugly colored liquid that resembled clear mud (if that makes sense?)  I tried again, this time keeping a close eye on the water temperature.  My diligence paid off, and I was rewarded with a very delightful cup of tea!

What is nice about this tea is that even though there are some very strong flavors in this tea, I can still taste the Bai Mu Dan tea used in this blend.  It is soft, fresh, and light-bodied, and very enjoyable.  It has a very subtle grassy note, very clean tasting, as is true of most Bai Mu Dan teas.

The Jasmine Pearl describes this tea as

This wonderful blend was originally named Rose Peony for mommies-to-be. However, the overwhelming enthusiasm for this blend by our male customers caused us to rename it Lavender Rose White Tea.

Organic Bai Mu Dan or “White Peony” is blended with roses, organic lavender, and organic lemon verbena for a fragrant and light-bodied tea with low amounts of caffeine.

1 oz. of Lavender Rose makes approx. 12 cups.

Lavender Rose is also very, very good iced.

Ingredients: Chinese White Tea*,  Lavender*, Lemon Verbena*, and Pink & Red Roses.
*Organically Grown

The most prominent flavor characteristic in this blend is the rose, which has a slightly sharp edge to it, and complements the lemon verbena and lavender very well.  The lemon verbena offers an understated tartness, and the lavender is very subtle and unassuming.  A very expected yet well executed performance from each of the components in this tea.  The tea is all at once very fresh and light, with suggestions of sharp, tart, and soft notes to which my palate cheerfully responds.

And I do agree with The Jasmine Pearl:  this tea is very good iced.  Many white teas tend to be too restrained for iced tea, and the flavor becomes lost as the tea is chilled.  Not so with this tea!  It is very refined and sophisticated served hot, and very relaxing and thirst-quenching when served iced.

This is my first tea sampling from this company that I just discovered at Whole Foods Market… but it won’t be my last!



Thanks for this review! I think I’ll be heading to Whole Foods to look for this tea! Sounds perfect for me! Did you sweeten it at all when iced? Just curious.


Hi Melanie: Yes, I added a bit of agave nectar to it when it was still hot, and then cooled it before adding ice.

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