Lemon Herbal Tea from Lipton

Lipton Herbal Lemon

I’m someone that likes a really nice fresh herbal tea, but I am also quite cheap, and drink so much tea that I can’t always spend much money buying it. That’s what led me to try Lipton herbals. I mean, I know, Lipton? But it looked good and was inexpensive so I tried it out.

Turns out I really like the lemon herbal tea. It has a mysterious ingredient of “natural flavor” but the other ingredients are very recognizable such as {en:hibiscus} flowers, {en:rosehips}, orange peel, roasted {en:chicory} root, lemon peel and lemongrass.

Lipton describes this tea as:

We carefully select the finest-quality herbs, flowers, spices and natural flavors which we blend to create our great-tasting Lipton herbal teas. And of course Lipton Herbal Tea is 100% caffeine free and 100% natural. No additives, preservatives or coloring.

What I like about this tea is a very strong actual lemon flavor (not a fake candy lemon flavor). It is very sweet, without having an overly sugary taste, and also has a slight sour bite, just like a real lemon. It also smells quite sweet, almost like a desert. I would definitely recommend this tea.

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I really love your blog how it looks like and how it smells! mmmmm….

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