Lemon Mint from Lipton Tea (China)

Lemon Mint from Lipton Tea (China)Call me unadventurous, but the first box of tea I bought when I moved to China was this box of Lipton. I had no language skills to speak of when I first got here (still don’t!) and I needed a box of tea. I felt a little bad as I am in the tea capital of the world, but sometimes you just need something a little familiar.

Also, with my powers of deduction I could tell (from the giant picture on the box) that this had lemon and mint in it–two of my favorite ingredients. This tea is a little expensive for tea in China (a box of 20 tea bags costs 14 yuan, about $2—it doesn’t sound like much but it is more costly than the average bag of tea here.)

Lipton Tea describes this tea as:

*Actually, I have no idea since I don’t read Chinese…yet*

I asked some of my students to translate the ingredients for me, and they told me it was lemon, mint, Black Tea and sugar. I had guessed all four because you can taste each ingredient. Actually, I was a little unsure about the sugar before they told me but there is a definite sweet taste, not overly sugary but more like an artificial sweetener aftertaste. This tea is almost sweet, like a candy, but not so overpowering that you feel like you are getting cavities after one cup. It’s great for an afternoon pick me up.

The lemon is the strongest scent when you first pour a cup. The lemon and mint tastes mix about equally with neither being more powerful. What I especially like this tea for is to drink when I have a sore throat as I find the two main ingredients very soothing. The black tea is pretty subtle and just makes a great base for the mint and lemon taste.

Just to give you an idea of how much I like this tea, I’ve been living in China for 3 months now and I have gone through 2 boxes. As for “authentic Chinese tea” this falls far from the mark as it is made by a major corporation and sold only in bigger supermarkets. But as for “delicious tea to drink” it gets a thumbs up from me.



hey i love this tea too! very refreshing…. hav u tried the other teas tht are appear with this one on the shelves? jasmine and some other flowers i dnt know the name of….


HI! I tried this also. I had NO idea it had sugar in it!! Darn…i guess that’s why i liked it so much hahhahaha
I’m addicted to the Roselle Flavour in the pink box. Would love to know how i can buy it online as i don’t currently live in China … any ideas?

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