Let’s Split from Tea Noir

Lets Split Yerba Mate Tisane from Tea Noir

One of my favorite teas, and one of the first artisan brews I tried from an Etsy seller! This delicious Yerba Mate blend really is the best yerba mate I’ve tasted!

With luscious banana top notes, and tasty walnuts mixed with a hint of cherry. As Tea Noir says about this tea:

Tea Noir has you covered with this daringly different yerba mate blend – Let’s Split, a sassy confection that combines crisp yerba mate with the natural flavours of banana, walnut, and cherry!

Because of the flavors combined in this infusion, it is a naturally sweet tea that needs less sweetener than you would normally use in your tea, if you use any. This is a rare treat that you won’t find elsewhere…a unique and tasty Yerba Mate experience!

One of the best parts about this tea is it’s re-brewablity. Even as little as one teaspoon can be successfully re-brewed several times before losing any flavor. This makes even a small amount of this blend last a very very long time!

The aroma of this tea is also one of it’s wonderful selling points, with heavy notes of sweet bananas! It’s a very smooth tea that is also extremely refreshing at any time of day. This is also a FANTASTIC blend for children as they love the taste and aroma too, and it’s very light as well as being nutritious!

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I am a huge fan of TeaNoir. I discovered her shop on Etsy over a year ago (and this reminds me that I need to go back and order again).

Her “Lady in Red” Rooibos is one of the best teas I’ve ever had – just add a little milk to smooth it out and really pop the flavor. Mmmmm!

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