Lime in the Coconut from California Tea House

Lime In The Coconut by California Tea HouseI’ve been searching a long time for a blend such as this.  As another tea drinker stated on the California Tea House website, “It is like a tea margarita!”, and it really is!  A perfect summertime flavor, this blend is perfect hot and even better iced.

The lime is most prominent, with an authentic lime juice flavor – just slightly tart, slightly sweet.  The coconut is sweet yet strong enough to be tasted, the perfect compliment to the bright tangy lime notes! The tea leaves in this blend are of high quality, and expand quite a lot when steeped, so make sure they have plenty of room to unfurl.  There are huge slices of coconut amidst the tea leaves that make it even more delightful.

It has a very soft, subtle aroma that I really wish I had in a body spray…the lightest whisper of lime sets on top of a tropical scented undertone.

This is one INCREDIBLE tea!

California Tea House describes this tea as:

This ‘Muppet’ inspired blend turned out to be a keeper! Lime in the Coconut is a ridiculously tasty blend of superior Indian Assam and fine Chinese Green Teas tossed with shredded coconut, lime juice and sunflower petals. You’ll love it so much you’ll scream, “Doctor!”

Use 1 to 2 heaping tablespoons per cup of just below boiling (steaming) filtered water and steep for 2 to 3 minutes.

Muppets? What’s this about Muppets you say?  I had never heard or seen this before reviewing this blend, but it seems a lot of people are familiar with an old Sesame Street sketch called “Lime in the Coconut”.  So for those of you with fond memories of this sketch – and for those of you who have never seen it before – I present the Muppets and “Lime in the Coconut”:

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Jason Witt

Do you know how good for you coconut is? It is indeed a health food and of course best as a whole food like it is in this tea. I thought the Muppets clip was precious. It reminded me of an early tea plantation in Assam with the jungle creeping in on a patient with the Ague. Really entertaining.


Muppets is perhaps the best thing in the universe.

Madam Potts

When I read that the company’s own description was Muppet-inspired that just made the difference. I think I love the Muppets as much as I love tea (I have this skit on DVD even). I love their sense of tea madness and have just ordered the blend. As if this being a “tea margarita” wasn’t reason enough — these people are truly mad about tea — perhaps as crazy mad as I am…

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