Limited Edition Kenya Ivory Matcha from Vitalife

Limited Edition Kenya Ivory Matcha from Vitalife
Here we have the tea that I have heard people raving about.

I am very exited about this tea for various reasons and I really can’t express enough how much I am looking forward to trying this little beauty!

Vitalife have done it again by impressing the tea industry with a great range of health-driven teas and by the look of this one, this is going to knock the socks off anyone wanting to lead a healthier lifestyle with its sophisticated ingredients and an amazing story.

Firstly I will start with the packaging- Yes it’s simple but boy does it pack a punch in terms of the high antioxidant levels contained in this tea (this has more than Matcha Green Tea which we all know contains a lot!)

Vitalife have been kind enough to send me some fascinating information about this tea that I must share with you. Here goes!

Here are a few facts about the tea-

Ingredients From: Kenya
Grade: Fine Matcha
Region: Nandi Highlands
Altitude: 5500 feet to 6500 feet above sea level
Caffeine/ Antioxidant Level: Low Caffeine/ Super High Antioxidant Level
Cup Characteristics: Exquisite flavoury tea notes that are classic to luxury White Kenya Tea. Crisp yet smooth.
Luxury Ingredients: 100% pure Green and White Tea

While I prepare my kettle for boil check out the story-

For centuries, ivory was considered one of nature’s most important materials.

Since almost the dawn of human history, it was harvested from elephants, and sometimes hippos, whales and narwhals, for use in the manufacture of an immense number

of items.

At various points in human history , everything from fans and corsets, to horns, statues, goblets, false teeth and piano keys were made from hard white substance.

Unfortunately of course, ivory was typically harvested from live animals that were killed only for their tusks. By the mid to late 20th century, elephant populations were

on a rapid decline because of lucrative international trade in tusks.  Thankfully, in 1975 the Asian Elephant was placed on Appendix One of the Convention on

International Trade in Endangered Species, followed by the inclusion of the African elephant in 1990.

Nowadays, unless you’re a poacher, and we sincerely hope you aren’t one, the closest you’ll come to pure white ivory is Elephant Ivory Kenya White Matcha.

Manufactured from exceptionally antioxidant-rich tea grown up above the “pest-line” where pesticides aren’t required, this Matcha offers a boost of flavour and health

that ‘s practically as rare as real tusk ivory itself.

To make the tea the youngest leaves on the bush are plucked and processed, then ground in a traditional Japanese-style Matcha mill until it has reached the perfect,

densely powdered consistency connoisseurs the world over prize.

Like the majestic African elephant it is named for, the cup produced through the process is a truly magnificent site to behold- thick and frothy with deep grassy notes,

Elephant Ivory is destined to go down in history as one of the world’s greatest Matcha teas.


I now begin to pour my just off-the-boil water over the powder (you only need around a quarter of a teaspoon) and instantly the liquid becomes a green that I could only

describe similar to a good quality dark apple juice.

I then take out my electric whisk that I use for powdered teas and begin to whisk the green goodness.

At this point my tea is ready to drink so here goes!

I take a sip and find the flavour very pleasant, rather grassy as Vitalife have stated but also very refreshing and crisp yet smooth. I also find the tea very clean-tasting and

think that it would be perfect as an iced tea in the summer months as a cooling refreshment.

I am very pleased with the taste of this tea as some the green and white teas can be very bitter and hard to drink.

This tea is great as it has all of the flavour with all of the health benefits – Basically health in a cup! Excellent work Vitalife. Although this tea is harder to mix than other

powdered teas and does leave a little powder in the bottom of the my cup, I am more than happy to Drink This for the taste and health benefits.

Vitalife describes this tea as-

With a higher antioxidant content than matcha green tea, and high protein/dietary fibre content, Kenya Ivory matcha is a truly healthy beverage.

Grown above the ‘pest-line’ where pesticides aren’t required, the youngest leaves on the tea bush are plucked and processed, then ground on a traditional Japanese matcha style mill until the tea reaches a perfect consistency.

Overall I would sum this tea up as an excellent Matcha with a luxury edge.

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Limited Edition Kenya Ivory Matcha from Vitalife: Here we have the tea that I have heard people raving about. I …

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