Liquid Solutions Tea-Zer Tea Tumbler

Liquid Solutions Tea-zer Tea TumblerName of Tea Accessory:

Liquid Solutions Tea-Zer Tea Tumbler

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The company which makes these does not have an online store, but they are available on I got mine at the Harry and David Store.

I have been looking for a travel tea mug that was affordable and worked well. This was about $15.95 in the Harry and David store, it is $13-$20 on the amazon website.

Amazon says:

Product Features

* Screw Top Tea Mug
* Stainless Steel Tea basket
* Easy to use lid to seal in the warmth
* Our most popular design
* Great for all types of tea

This mug has good and bad qualities. It does not leak what-so-ever. It also is an amazing insulate. The liquid stays hot forever, and you literally cannot feel it on your hands because of the awesome insulation. BUT the stainless basket leaks tea and leaves into the water below. If you have a small loose tea, or it has the “dust” fannings those leak through even though the holes are small, not small enough. This works amazingly for tea bags or very large leafed teas. I cannot wait to take it around campus with me!

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Jesse salisbury

I found that the lid tends to stick to the cap when you unscrew it, the silicone gasket comes out and it leaks. I am at a loss why a cup for coffee or tea would say wash with warm water? Isnt it for use with HOT water.. I give it a D +

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