Little People’s Tea from My Cup of Tea

Little People's TeaFrom the tea experts at My Cup of Tea in the United Kingdom comes this delightful treat for your budding tea enthusiast in the family.  A “light” tea, with a deliciously airy fruity flavor, this tea is absolutely perfect for children, which is the target audience of this tea, however it can also be enjoyed by adults.

I know I certainly enjoyed it when I shared a cup of this tea with my son (age 11), who remarked that, “This is goooood, I like it”.  A very light fruity flavor with strong overtones of strawberries and vanilla, this tea is designed so that it is perfectly delicious even without sugar, ideal for a children’s tea.

My Cup of Tea describes this tea as:

Nice and healthy

Pipin loves strawberry in his tea. He doesn’t like added sugar and artificial flavours. Which is good because there aren’t any in his tea. And there’s no caffeine either. Just Strawberry & Cream blended specially for little people. Oh and big people too.

Pipin, or is it Pippin, the ElephantTheir marketing involves the elephant shown in the company logo, Pipin (naming him that makes the American here think of Lord of the Rings, perhaps the elephant would have been more aptly named Gavroche.  Little People’s Tea? Get it? no?), and involving children with this fictional character to add fun to their teatime.  I think it’s a cute, fun idea, and the tea itself – which counts much more to me than elephants – is actually perfect for children.  Delicious even when served luke-warm as might be appropriate for the really young tea drinkers in your house.

This is a great way to introduce children you have or know to the huge and amazing world of tea! And Strawberries & Cream – the real “flavor” of this tea, is almost universally loved by children and adults alike.  Each clear tea sachet comes individually packaged,  and is in bagged tea form for convenience.



I am lovin’ the sound of this tea. And Pippin is my favorite hobbit, so it just adds to it’s appeal! 😉


Looks so fun!


I should drink this, I’m only 3 ft 8 LOL:)

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