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[Loving from Shoti Maa]Have you ever thought to yourself, gee, chai and Earl Grey are my two favorite flavored teas; I wonder what they would taste like together? Wonder no more!

Although the subtitle of this tea is “Green Tea, Cinnamon and Earl Grey” it has more spices in it than just cinnamon; in fact, it has the full assortment we think of as typical for chai – cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and black pepper – plus a few more!

Since the base is green tea rather than Black Tea, one needs to be careful in brewing. Don’t use boiling water as you would with black tea; on the other hand, if you use water at only 175 degrees F, the way many people do for green tea, you won’t get the full flavor out of all the spices. A compromise is water at about 190 to 200 degrees F.

The result is a spicy brew that tastes like chai with a bit of bergamot added – which tastes more like another spice, in this setting, than it does like a citrus flavor. The aroma of the bergamot is a bit stronger than the flavor of it, so if you like that nice Earl Grey aroma, you’ll be pleased with this one.

Although Chai Teas are frequently drunk with milk, I wouldn’t advise it in this case – not only does bergamot not play well with milk, in my opinion, but green tea definitely doesn’t take milk well – and there’s some research that indicates that adding milk can reduce the anti-oxidant benefits of drinking tea. You’ll want to add some sugar to this, sure, but not milk!

Shoti Maa describes this tea as:

We are connected through the heart. Whatever happens with you happens with me. We are ripples in the same sea.

Green tea bancha* (65%),cinnamon* (10%), anise*(5%), barley malt*, bergamot orange extract, elderflower*, cardamom*, linden flowers*, ginger*, cinnamon extract, black pepper*, cloves*.

* = organic

I should tell you that the company is German (though its mailing address is in The Netherlands) and the English version of the web site, which the picture at the beginning of this review links to, is incomplete compared to the German version of the web site. But then, you aren’t going to be ordering this directly from the company; that’s not where we at the Tea Review Blog got it. We received ours, and you can order your tea, from Ancient Healing Ways, a web company that sells the full line of Shoti Maa teas as well as several other brands of tea.

The German name for this particular tea is In Liebe. The web site’s description of the tea in German is a bit longer than the description in English:

Ein Mensch, der seine Liebe hinausfließen lässt in die Welt, macht sich selbst zur Quelledes Glücks. Mit dieser Mischung aus grünem Tee, Bergamotte und Zimt verfeinern wir unsere Wahrnehmung für die ständige Gegenwart der Liebe. Denn wenn wir die Welt anlächeln, lächelt sie zu uns zurück.


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