Luscious Lemon Meringue from Talbott Teas

luscious_lemon_meringue TalbottWhen I lived in Texas, one of the things I enjoyed was going to one of the Luby’s Cafeteria restaurants, and one of the reasons I loved the cafeteria chains was that they have great desserts, including meringue pies with enormous clouds of meringue on top – lemon meringue, coconut meringue – 3 or 4 inch piles of sweet fluffy egg white meringue.

Well, this tea smells and tastes *exactly* like those pies – without the calories! The dried tea has an aroma of lemon meringue; in the brewed tea, the aroma becomes stronger, and irresistible! Like Proust’s madeleines, this is a smell which, if you are once familiar with it, will instantly bring up complete images of the time and place you were last in front of a piece of that pie.

It tastes just as good, too. With the vanilla adding a natural sweetness, there’s no need for any sort of sweetener in this, although if you like really sweet tastes, you might want to add just a pinch.

Talbott says about this tea:

Each lemon-filled sip renews your zest for life. This fragrant, uplifting blend of naturally caffeine-free Rooibos tea and lemon grass is sure to brighten your day, and your horizons.
All natural premium ingredients: rooibos, lemon grass, calendula petals, natural lemon and vanilla flavors

A slice of lemon in the hot tea is a bit too sour unless one also adds a pinch of sugar to balance it, in which case it then helps to accent the flavors in the tea.

As with many rooibos teas, this one is definitely better hot than iced. When iced, the flavors, and especially the aroma, are quite muted – not undrinkable, but no particular zing. I suggest you drink it hot. Since it’s got no caffeine, you can drink it late in the evening – dessert in a lovely cup of hot tea.

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