Lychee Oolong from Naivetea

Lychee Oolong from NaiveteaI love the taste of {en:Lychee} fruit.  It’s sweet, juicy, mouthwatering and just plain yummy.  If you’ve never tasted Lychee before, think of a combination between strawberry Kool-Aid and passionfruit.   It’s delicious.  And when combined with the high quality Oolong Tea which is a standard of Naivetea, it becomes a sweetly refreshing yet sophisticated Oolong which is fantastic served hot or chilled.

Naivetea describes this tea as:

High altitude oolong infused with lychee. Intense lychee aroma. Light and smooth body with strong lychee flavor. Fragrant finish with long sweet after taste.

Looking for a thirst-quenching, refreshing spring or summertime tea? Look no further! Some Oolong teas lose some of their more subtle flavors when served chilled – not this one!  You can still taste both the tea and the Lychee flavoring, each balancing each other perfectly, although the Lychee flavor and aroma are very strong and distinct.  A fantastic fruit tea!

I’m extremely impressed with the Oolong teas presented by Naivetea.  Not only are they some of the highest quality scented Oolong teas I’ve tasted, but their packaging and presentation also deserve recognition for being of the utmost quality.

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I really love the lychee tea. We prepare it on special occasions. It’s aroma is also very nice. it is a great tea for ones who love the lychee fruit.

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