Mad Tea Party Blend from Disney Wonderland Tea

Mad Tea Party BlendMad Tea Party Blend from Disney Wonderland Tea – also known as The Unofficial Un-birthday Tea.

I bought this while at Disney World this past summer and I found this exact tin of loose leaf and also have it in the bagged version that I bought in a variety pack.

I like both but there is a difference between the bagged and The Loose Leaf.

First for the loose leaf…

It smells FAB.  It’s almost like “attack of the killer apricots!”  After the infusion the apricots and peach scents really come through.  The apricot and other flavors really create an usual but tasty sip.  It goes down nicely.

Bagged version:

It’s not as scented and the apricots aren’t as “killer” but it’s still a nice cup!  I will say it is fairly bold for a black bagged/themed tea!

I don’t have an official description for this tea from Disney but I know that the ingredients include: Indian Black Teas, safflowers, calendula petals, ginger bits, apricot bits, peach and apricot fFlavors.

I’ve very happy I bought this in both bagged and loose leaf…the tin is so fun and memorable!  The tea is memorable as well!



It is a surprise to see one of my photographs shown with this review! The original photo, and my review (actually more of a review of the tin than the tea!), can be found here:


I’ve been looking for this tea and would love to know where it is sold in Disneyland California? My good friend served this to me, loose leave vesion, and it was amazing.
(recognized the photo shown here from another blog)


can you only find it in california or is it sold at other disneylands ??

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