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Malted ChocoMatéI am a chocoholic.  When I come across any tea that is chocolate, I’m interested.  So, when I found this Malted ChocoMaté from I knew this was a flavor I had to try.

This is a very good chocolate flavored yerba maté – the rich, chocolate essence permeates the air the moment you open the pouch.  And the flavor – WOW!  It is really as good as the name implies:  Malted ChocoMaté.   It is quite a bit like drinking a chocolate malt, with the exception of the temperature and texture.  But the flavor is spot on.

The yerba maté in this blend is roasted – which is my personal preference when it comes to yerba maté.  By roasting it, some of the very strong vegetative quality is softened, and the flavor becomes toasty-ish, giving it a more balanced, palatable appeal.   It is a brisk, full-bodied yerba maté, and is perfectly matched by the flavors of this blend.

And, let’s face it, what it really all comes down to is the chocolate.  Well, at least, for this chocoholic it does.  And the chocolate flavor here is strong, smooth, and creamy-tasting.  The malted flavor is complimented well by the roasted yerba maté.  With the exception of my own (what can I say, I’m biased) this is one of the best yerba maté blends I’ve had the opportunity to taste.

52Teas/52Teas describes this tea as

Roasted Yerba Maté with organic cacao nibs and all natural chocolate and malt flavors.

I personally prefer my yerba maté hot, with an ample amount of sweetener, just as they do in Argentina.  I don’t, however, serve it in a gourd with a bombilla, I keep it simple and sip it out of my favorite tea mug (it’s been printed with “Starry Night” by Vincent Van Gogh, my favorite painting by my favorite artist).  The creamy flavor is enhanced by a splash of milk or cream.

I found that steeping this for five minutes made for a very delicious brew, however, because there are little to no tannins in yerba maté you can steep it longer without bitterness, and for my second cup, I brewed it for 10 minutes.  The flavor was intensified significantly, especially the chocolate, so I highly recommend it.  After all, it IS all about the chocolate, am I right?

At the time I am writing this review, I see that there are just 5 more pouches of this tea available.  I don’t know if Zoomdweebies is planning on re-blending it, so, you should hurry and get it now, while you can!  You’ll be glad you did, especially if you’re a chocoholic like me!

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