Mango Black Tea from thepuriTea

Mango Black Tea from thepuriTeaAfter reading a review on Steepster praising this review, I knew I had to try it.  Since thepuriTea offers generously sized samples at reasonable prices, I decided to order a sample set – including this one.

The aroma of the dry leaf blew me away!  It is very strong – very MANGO!  My mouth began to water just from smelling the dry leaf, and I could hardly wait the 4 minutes it took for it to steep!

Mmm … delicious!  The mango is strong and flavorful without overpowering the smooth, rich Black Tea.  The black tea is not bitter but does have a mild astringency at the tail.  It is a strong, pleasant tasting black tea and makes a great base for the mango flavor.

The mango is so delicious and nectar-like in this cup that it is almost juicy!  It is authentic and flavorful; it is almost as though I added freshly extracted mango juice to the tea.  It is sweet with a nice tangy flavor that lingers in the aftertaste.

This is the strongest mango taste in a mango flavored black tea that I recall ever tasting.  If you like mango, you MUST try this tea!

thepuriTea describes this tea as

Delicious hot or iced, our Mango Black is a classic blend one-upped with a base of premium black tea from Zhejiang, China. Its flavors of deep, full-bodied black tea and intensely tropical sweet-sour fruits make this garnet-hued brew a popular “everyday treat” for anyone who loves bold black teas or exotic fruit flavors. Add a bit of sugar if you’d like, or drink it alongside equally rich-tart foods, like grilled meats with citrus marinade or dark chocolate sweets topped with fresh berries or raspberry preserves.

This tea is delicious hot or iced.  Either way, I do recommend adding a little sweetener to this tea to enhance the flavor.  It’s good without sweetener, but it’s amazing with it.  So deliciously tropical, that you’d think you’re on a Hawaiian vacation!

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