Mango Green Tea from Touch Organic

Organic Mango Green Tea

I’ve noticed that mango teas seem to be gaining quite a bit of popularity.  I think this one is my favorite of those I’ve tried recently; a rather startling discovery since this tea is bagged!

It smells so good with its lovely tropical scent – delicious mango fragrance lingering with the natural grassy notes of the Green Tea.   I’m pleased to report that it also tastes as good as it smells.

The mango in this tea is slightly sweet, with just a hint of tartness – much like the flavor I’d expect from a fresh, ripe mango.  I like that the fruit flavor here is very subtle, which allows the sweet, earthy  undertones of the green tea to come through, creating a well-rounded, very balanced flavor profile that is as focused on the flavors of the tea as well as the mango.

Touch Organic describes this tea as

The refreshing taste of mango fruit is combined with certified organic green tea to produce a revitalizing cup of tea that is high in antioxidants and bursting with flavour. From our proud farms to your cup – enjoy!

Organic Ingredients:
Green tea, natural mango

This tea is invigorating and very smooth tasting; the grassy notes are not overtly sharp or overwhelming to the cup.  It is excellent served either hot and the flavors remain bright and refreshing when chilled.



i’ve tried both the Very Berry white tea, and The Apricot White tea from Touch Organic and i find that both are very fruity. They make very nice sweet tea for the summer and are refreshing when warm as well. Touch Organic is definitely worth trying.


Love this tea, but does anyone know if any of the Touch Organic Tea is caffine free or not?

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