Maple Cream Tea from Culinary Teas

Maple Cream Tea from Culinary TeasThis tea sings Autumnal flavor!  In fact, this tea is honestly best enjoyed served hot with a dash of milk and sugar on a chilly fall day.  I was amazed at the creamy maple flavor, and when I brewed it, the fragrance became even stronger.  I could taste the creaminess of it before I added a bit of soy milk, but the addition of milk creates an even creamier and scrumptious dessert tea.

The strong Black Tea forms an excellent base for the strong maple flavor of the tea leaves.  As stated on their website, Culinary Teas uses all natural flavorings for this tea, and it shows in the flavor.

Culinary Teas describes this tea as:

Our Maple Cream tea is a fantastic maple tea with a delightful creamy twist.  Made with all natural flavorings.

It has a bit of a brassy aftertaste, but I find that to be acceptable with the overall flavor of the tea.  This brassiness can be reduced by using less of the dry tea leaves that you normally would, as even a teaspoon makes a very strong cup of tea!  It’s a very comforting and soothing warm autumn tea. I don’t recommend serving it iced as it just wouldn’t have the same effect.

I’m a huge fan of maple flavored black teas, and this one is, wordplay intended – the ‘cream’ of the crop!

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I didnt know there such tea, i should try it.

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