Mardi Gras Celebration Chai by Aura Zen Tea

Mardi Gras Celebration Chai by Aura Zen TeaThe first thing I noticed about this tea is that it is very beautiful:  colorful petals, large chunks of fruit and spices abound in this blend.  It is appropriately named – that’s for sure – it looks like a Mardi Gras celebration!

The fragrance is also quite alluring.  It smells strongly of fruit and spice – yummy!  As the tea brewed, I noted that the spice (particularly the cinnamon!) aroma became very pronounced, while the fruity scent softened a bit.

As you can probably imagine, this is one of the more unusual Chai Teas that I’ve tasted.  Similar to the scent, the cinnamon flavor is the most dominant flavor of this cup, and it lingers warmly on the palate.  I can also detect a peppery note – perhaps it’s ginger?

I can also detect a “medley” of fruity flavor.  It is difficult to discern the individual fruit flavors here, as the spice is quite strong… sort of like a tropical fruit ambrosia that has been heavily seasoned with pumpkin pie spice.

This is – quite obviously! – not a typical chai.  Even without the array of colorful petals and fruit pieces, the spice profile is not tremendously “chai-like” – it is much more like a hot cinnamon flavored tea (that has been blended with a fruit flavored tea) than a chai tea.

The Black Tea base is very mild – I would even characterize it as light-bodied – here.  I am not sure if it is the black tea itself that is mild, or just the fact that the black tea flavor tends to be overwhelmed a bit by the presence of the other strong flavors.  But I really don’t think that a stronger tea is needed here, as it would disrupt the unique flavor to this blend. Even though this blend has a very floral appearance with all the petals, these petals offer very little in the way of flavor, and seem to be present for their aesthetic value.

Aura Zen Tea describes this tea as

I blended this in celebration of the Mardi Gras Spirit where you are free to let go of all fears and enjoy the moment! It starts with an organic loose leaf black tea base then I blend in flowers, spices, herbs and dried fruits creating a tea gone wild so to speak… The aroma of spicy cinnamon fills the room when brewed. Makes a good tea to infuse in alcohol for a spicy cocktail!

I think it’s also interesting to note the ingredient list for this blend:

Materials:  secret black tea blend, magic

This is a truly unique and interesting blend.  Not my favorite chai, but I am glad that I was able to try it.   I preferred drinking it hot with a generous dollop of honey.  Serving this one “latte” style would also be quite appropriate, as it takes to milk or cream pretty well, although I did note that the fruit flavors were slightly overwhelmed when I added the milk.  As the tea cools, I noticed that it remained quite flavorful, so it is one that would make a delicious – albeit unusual! – iced tea as well.

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