Masala Chocolate Truffle from Mighty Leaf

Marsala Chocolate Truffle Tea

Another tea from Mighty Leaf‘s Chocolate Truffle Collection, their Masala Chocolate Truffle Tea is very heavily laden with cinnamon, and that’s the scent that hits you the moment you open the tin, and again while you’re brewing — reminding me a bit of a potpourri simmer pot filled with aromatic spices.  It smells very warm, comforting, and delicious!

The tea brews to a beautiful amber color, and as you might expect, the most prominent Masala spice flavor is the cinnamon.  However, notes of the cardamom do shine through, as well as the less dominate flavors of ginger, cloves and peppercorns.

In fact, the only flavor that is missing from this brew is the chocolate, which often seems to lose itself amongst the pleasant, yet heavy-hitting spice.  Instead, the chocolate seems to linger around in the more subtle notes of this blend.  Despite this, however, I found myself really enjoying this cup of tea.

Mighty Leaf describes this tea as…

Masala Chocolate Truffle herbal tea delivers creamy chocolate notes accompanied by zesty cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves in this Chai Tea like herbal infusion.

I don’t think I would have referred to this tea as an herbal infusion, as none of the ingredients listed would be called an herb, but rather a spice, so perhaps “spice melange” or “spice infusion” would have been a more accurate term.  As has been true of other teas in Mighty Leaf’s Chocolate Truffle Collection, I wish that there was more chocolate in this blend (what can I say?  I’m a chocoholic!)  However, the strong, spicy flavor of this tea is rather nice and is perfect for those who enjoy a spice laden tea as much as I do!  It’s a very different, yet very delicious, kind of tea!

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Sounds great, except for I only drink true teas or blends that have true tea in them. I’m sure it’d be delicious blended w/ Adagio’s chocolate chai!

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