Masterpiece Chai from Liber-Teas

masterpiece-chai This is a fantastic Chai Tea! I was surprised in my first few sips, to not only taste a lovely Black Tea and spices, but also a hint of citrus – a fantastic addition to a Chai tea.

The spices are so perfectly blended – no one spice overwhelming another (cinnamon included) and none of the spices overwhelmed the black tea!

I think the success of this chai tea lies in the use of whole, or chunks of real spice, where other chai teas use oils.

The addition of Honeybush is also a real plus. It makes this tea extra health, less caffeine and adds a lovely gently sweetness!

Liber-Teas describes Masterpiece Chai as:

The perfect tea to curl up to and get warm with on those cold winter-y afternoons!

This tea is blended using my own, unique Recipe including Black Teas, {en:Honeybush}, and a very special blend of Marsala Spice. What makes this tea truly unique is that the addition of milk does not masque the flavor, as is true with so many other chai teas; rather, the addition of milk enhances the flavor profile.

Delicious served hot with a drizzle of honey, as a latte beverage, or even served as a chilled beverage. Try adding your Chai latte to a blender with some ice and take it for a whirl… absolutely delightful!

After tasting it black (which was delicious) I drank this with just a bit of honey, and some milk. It really was a lovely afternoon break!

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