Masterpiece Chai from Liber-TEAS

Masterpiece Chai

Masterpiece Chai

The following Liber-TEAS description sums it up best, perhaps.  However I would like to say that this is a fine {en:chai} that has truly high-quality ingredients – whole and ground – which are both pleasing to the eyes, nose and palate.

Liber-TEAS describes this tea as:

This is my own, exclusive {en:chai} tea recipe, which I created after several months of frustration due to sampling other vendors {en:chai} teas. What I wanted was a delicious {en:chai} tea that I could brew in water (rather than brewing in milk), and serve with honey and milk, and still taste as fabulous as the {en:chai} latte beverages I was able to get from the local coffeehouse. What I was getting were teas that tasted washed out, and lost much of their flavor when I would add the milk.

So I decided to try my hand at blending my own recipe. In this tea, I use High Grown Ceylons and Estate Assams, and my own special blend of spices, including {en:Cardamom}, {en:Cinnamon}, {en:Clove|Cloves}, {en:Ginger}, and a few secret spices. After many months of blending, sampling, re-blending, and starting over from scratch, I finally found the right combination of flavors that would brew up easily in water (I mean, really, have you tried to brew Chai Tea in milk? What a mess!!!) and then I could add milk to create a latte beverage that rivals even the best coffeehouses! I absolutely adore this tea!

A very strong chai that really does brew up well in water and does not lose it’s flavor when you add milk!  Lovely with either sugar or honey.  For a truly exotic experience, add a small dab of butter to the tea!  It’s very well rounded and a bit tangy as well as spicy!

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