Masterpiece Chai from Liber-Teas

Masterpiece Chai Spiced Black Tea Blend

In the depths of winter, when spring seems only an idle dream, the ruthless chill creeps into your bones and you crave a warmth that can touch even the delicate tendrils of your spirit.  Today the temperature dropped to a frigid 50° F here in Southern California.  Old Man Winter finally had me in his grasp  – I reached for the packet of Masterpiece Chai as my last salvation.

Okay, perhaps it wasn’t that bad. And I know some of you who are buried chin-deep in snow right now have no pity for poor me.  But this invigorating {en:chai} from Liber-Teas was exactly what I needed today.  The blend has whole {en:clove|cloves}, green {en:cardamom} pods and chunks of dried {en:ginger}, and the aroma straight out of the package was glorious.

Liber-Teas describes this tea as:

This tea is blended using my own, unique recipe:  Black Teas, Honeybush, and a very special blend of Masala Spice.  What makes this tea truly unique is that the addition of milk does not mask the flavor, as is true with so many other Chai Teas; rather, the addition of milk enhances the flavor profile.  Delicious served hot with a drizzle of honey, as a latte beverage, or even served as a chilled beverage. Try adding your Chai latte to a blender with some ice and take it for a whirl… absolutely delightful!

Honestly, the coffeehouses can’t make a decent chai for me; they’re either too sweet, or the tea is too weak, or there is too much milk to even taste the mediocre spices.  Masterpiece Chai, though, has got it spot on.  I sweetened it with a tablespoon of organic raw sugar and a healthy splash of warmed whole milk – all the flavors melded together in an energizing, spicy winter indulgence.   The expertly blended black teas provide a stable, deep base for the spices, without being overwhelmed or outdone. I love the aroma of the cloves. It’s very soothing on the stomach, too – definitely recommended for upset tummies.

I think I’ve banished the wicked winter golems for now.  But I’m keeping Masterpiece Chai close at hand, just in case.

Previously reviewed by the Tea Reviewer on January 19, 2009.


The Tea Reviewer

This is honestly the BEST review thus far on this blog, hands down!! I really enjoyed reading this, and I love your notes about the chai! AWESOME!


Honeybush in a Chai, interesting:)

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