Matcha Infused Sencha from Aiya Tea

Matcha Infused Sencha from Aiya TeaI received a lovely little package today from Aiya Tea.

Here we have Matcha Infused Sencha,  hopefully this will be as good as all the other blends Aiya have in their range.

I pop my kettle on to boil whilst opening the packet. I notice that the tea is loose and gives off a really strange scent (almost like a really sweet white chocolate)… yum!

I look at the loose tea in the packet and notice that the tea is of course loose but there is also matcha powder mixed in, giving off a lovely sweet aroma.

Today I have forgotten my strainer so I am going to do the taste test without one. I begin to pour the just off-the- boil water over the leaves and powder and the colour transforms into a pale green shade then after a few minutes all the leaves sink to the bottom of my cup and begin to unfurl slowly whilst steeping.

After steeping for 3 minutes or so I take a sip and find the tea is fresh and brisk (just as it smells) and is very comforting on a cold day like today.


The briskness of the tea gives it a slight edge but yet doesn’t seem to leave a bitter taste and actually has quite a smooth finish.

As the tea begins to cool it seems to have a less harsh Green Tea flavour which personally I prefer. I am not overly keen on strong greens and normally enjoy the more clear fresh tasting ones. I would say though that on this occasion this one fits right in.

If you are looking for an authentic green tea flavour that is slightly brisk with a slight sweetness to it then this is the tea for you.

Aiya describes this tea as-

Matcha Infused Sencha is a blend of traditional Japanese Sencha tea leaves and premium Matcha green tea, giving you the best of both worlds. The fresh brisk flavour of Sencha is enhanced with the health-giving properties of premium Matcha green tea.

Overall I would sum this tea up as a brisk yet smooth palatable green tea- Thank you Aiya!

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Matcha Infused Sencha from Aiya Tea: I received a lovely little package today from Aiya Tea. Here we have Matcha…

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