Matcha Mint ChocoLatté from Kalahari Tea

Matcha Mint Green Tea Chocolatte from Kalahari TeaWOW! I’m impressed with everything  about this tea, and it’s a bagged tea!  But not just any bagged tea, Kalahari bags are made from unbleached {en:hemp} as well as unbleached wood chips, so they are completely environmentally friendly as well as being the highest quality tea bags I’ve seen.

The aroma of this tea strikes you as soon as you open the individually wrapped bags – it’s an extremely strong fragrance laden with the strong scent of sweet dark chocolate along with fragrant mint.  The flavor is just as strong and uniquely delicious – like a decadent chocolate mint dessert in a cup of tea!

KalaHari Tea describes this tea as:

We married Sencha Green Tea with matcha powdered green tea. We blend it with rich dark cacao, then balance it with the deep coolness of peppermint to produce this sweet, indulgent, natural cup.

1 box, 16 individually wrapped sachets

Ingredients: Organic {en:Sencha} Green Tea, Organic {en:Peppermint}, Organic {en:matcha} Green Tea, Organic Dark Roasted Cacao, and Organic chocolate flavor.

Kalahari is also committed to being a socially conscious company, so our teas are all organic, kosher, and fair trade products; the tea bags are made of unbleached hemp and unbleached wood chips; and we support the African Wildlife Foundation and are members of 1% for the Planet.

This tea really does taste like a chocolate mint candy, smooth and sweet.  And not only is it incredibly exquisite, but it is also great for the environment, produced by an earth-conscious company.  The {en: Sencha} and {en:Matcha} green teas make it very sweet and smooth, with a delectable green tea flavor that balances perfectly with the creamy peppermint and chocolate.

By far, this is my most favorite bagged tea, and it is a part of Kalahari Tea’s “ChocoLatté” line of Chocolate Teas which they also have a Facebook page for.  Thusfar I have truly enjoyed every tea from that line of teas!

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Matcha is not only sweet and smooth. But because of the powdered form, it gives the fullest health benefits as body absorbs almost the entire leaf.

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