Matcha Miyabi from Den’s Tea

Matcha Miyabi from Den's TeaMatcha is a tea I enjoy whenever I want a little something special.  And this Matcha from Den’s Tea is certainly special!

The prepared tea is a gorgeous deep emerald green color.  And what a perfect color for it, because this Matcha is really a gem of a tea.

This matcha can be brewed to a thick consistency (known as Koicha, and used for Japanese tea ceremony), or you can make it slightly thinner if you wish.  I like mine slightly thicker, because I prefer the texture.

Matcha Miyabi has a grassy aroma to it which can be a little off-putting to those who are new to the tea.  Don’t let it deter you, though, because while it may smell grassy, the vegetal flavor is much lighter than you’d expect it to be, and it is much more like a sweet, leafy flavor than a bitter, grassy one.

Whether you prepare it thick or thin – it is still a bit thicker in consistency than a typical Green Tea would be.  It has a very smooth, creamy texture to it that is sweet with only the slightest bitter-sweet note.  I personally really enjoy the slight bitterness to Matcha, as it seems to offer a pleasant contrast to the otherwise sweet taste.

Den’s Tea describes this Matcha as

Den’s Matcha Miyabi is a high quality Matcha and is often used for the official tea ceremony. Our Matcha Miyabi brews a thick matcha called Koicha. It is very thick and creamy with a full flavor of sweetness, and is distinguished by its bright green color.

*Origin: Nishio, Aichi
*Harvest: First
* Species: Yabukita

This is an excellent Matcha and I have enjoyed serving it not only as a tea, but also as a latte.    And Matcha delivers not only great taste, but also great health.  Because Matcha powder is pure green tea leaves that have been finely ground, you get the full antioxidant power and energy of the tea leaf – power and energy that brewed tea simply cannot deliver.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love my brewed tea.  But, make some room in your tea pantry for Matcha too.  You won’t be sorry – because it tastes great, and is great for you.  It’s a win-win!

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