Maté Lemon Tea from Numi Tea

Maté Lemon Tea from Numi TeaA Green Tea and yerba maté combo… this sounds interesting!  What we get when Numi Tea combines the two along with lemon myrtle is a delightful, springy drink.

When I first brewed the tea, I was amazed at how lemony the lemon myrtle smelled.  The liquor is a brilliant golden green, and smells fresh and energizing.  I couldn’t wait to taste it!

I was thrilled by the flavor of this blend of tea!  In the forefront of the flavor was a strong lemon flavor, followed by the smoothest buttery gentle taste of green tea and yerba maté blend.  Part way through the cup, I picked up on a spicy taste that was more zingy than anything.  I am not sure if it was the lemon or if it was something else, but it was a definite spice.

This lemon flavor, I should add, isn’t sour and it isn’t sharp.  It is such a smooth, rewarding, palatable taste that writing this now, I’m almost surprised that the lemon flavor was so prominent yet smooth.  Think lemon cake, without the sweetness.   The body of this tea is balanced and moderate.

Oh, that reminds me– this is the perfect self-drinking tea.  No cream, no sugar necessary nor desirable for that matter.  It’s perfect by itself; a masterpiece of balanced smoothness that left me feeling happy, harmonized, and rejuvenated.  If I were to ever give up my morning dose of Earl Grey (don’t worry, Earl, I won’t because my heart is sold to you), I would take this as a tender alternative.   It’s caffeinated, yet I’ve found that green tea and yerba maté have a very different “high” than that of coffee or even Black Tea.  And further, green tea and yerba maté have a different “high” from each other.  This is a pleasant lift without jitters or nervousness.  That’s always a winner for this caffeine-sensitive gal!

Numi describes this tea as:

For hundreds of years, Yerba Maté has long been a ceremonial drink of friendship, hospitality, strength, and courage to the people of the South American rainforest. This evergreen leaf is known for its pleasantly stimulating effect and for evoking a cheerful mental lucidity. We are proud to introduce this delightful tasting infusion of organic Maté with the Australian rainforests’ organic Lemon Myrtle, touted as herb of the millennium for its high citral content. Organic Chun Mee green tea, skillfully hand-rolled into the eyebrow contour of its name, unfolds a subtle, plum-like sweetness to the leafy lemon piquancy of Mate and Myrtle. This energizing blend uplifts one’s senses, as clarity arrives like birdsong after fresh rain.

Numi Tea may be my new best friends.  I’ve tried two so far, and have been very impressed with the obvious high quality of their product.   Thus far, I’ve noticed that Numi’s teas taste fresh and weave together amazing flavors.  This is a wonderful tea, and I completely recommend it to green tea and yerba maté lovers everywhere.

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I really like the tea flowers from Numi as well. They have several of my favorite teas. Thanks for another tea to add to my collection.

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