Maté Limon Chai from The Tea Spot

Mate Limon Chai from The Tea SpotI love this uniquely spicy lemon tea!  The yellow yerba maté is the perfect backdrop for the lemongrass, lemon peel and lemon flavoring.  I also adore coriander, and am very pleased to find it as an ingredient in this blend, along with chicory which adds to the boldness of the blend.

This isn’t a Chai Tea in the traditional sense, meaning Black Tea leaves with an array of common spices.  However it does have some common chai spices such as ginger and cinnamon.  It doesn’t taste “spicy” in the traditional sense of the word, but has a “warm” earthy element about it in addition to the bright citrus notes.

The Tea Spot describes this tea as:

Our blend of Yerba Maté with lemon ginger chai offers an uplifting citrus spice to the earthy grassy undertones of yerba mate, a naturally caffeinated traditional South American herbal brew.

100% Organic Ingredients:  {en:yerba_mate|yerba mate}, {en:chicory} root, citrus peel & essential oil, {en:lemongrass}, {en:hibiscus}, {en:ginger}, {en:coriander}, cinnamon

This is another tea which is just as delicious served iced as served hot.  Honey in particular is a fantastic sweetener for this particular tea.  Milk is not recommended because of the strong lemon citrus flavorings that would easily curdle milk.  Also a fantastic tea for when you are sick or have a head cold as the lemon is held up by some very warming, immune-boosting spices.  Easily one of my favorite summertime teas!

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