Mate Sweet Orange from Local Coffee + Tea

Mate Sweet Orange from Local Coffee + TeaThis is a smooth, delicious and refreshing Yerba Maté blend that is unique and full of flavor!  A fantastic tea for spring or summer, this tea has soft yet pronounced orange overtones in its aroma and flavor.  The Yerba Mate is a nice, mellow mate base, which leaves a slightly smoky note in the fragrance and taste.

The aroma has very strong citrus notes, along with a slightly grassy undertone, which is calming and centering.   The flavor does have strong licorice notes, which lends a natural sweetness to the blend.  The licorice is strong enough that if you don’t like black licorice, you might not like this tea.  However, fans of licorice will find the licorice balances the sweet orange notes perfectly, making it a lovely tea whether hot or iced.

Local Coffee + Tea describes this tea as:

Green and roasted mate with licorice, orange peel and blossom with a slightly smoky scent and taste, bitter sweet of orange and tasty licorice make a slight stimulating and balanced drink. This unique taste, some say is closer to coffee than Asian tea. Excellent for soothing for a sore throat, mate is traditionally used for weight loss and overcoming fatigue. If brewed for up to 10 minutes it becomes more calming.

Because this blend is of mate with herbs, this tea does not get bitter, which is a definite plus!  In fact, the longer you brew it the stronger it gets and the better it tastes, making this a nice everyday tea for anyone.  In their description they mention coffee, but I detected no coffee notes or similarity to coffee in this tea.  It’s actually quite unlike any other tea blend I’ve ever tasted, and would best be described as a refreshing and light maté blend.

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