Meadow Nocturne from Liber-Teas

Meadow Nocturne from Liber-Teas

I have always enjoyed blends which utilize a lavender & chamomile base, and lavender is simply gorgeous to me…so this tea was appealing to me from the beginning with it’s high quality aromatic lavender and honey-like chamomile, accentuated by a hint of honeybush which adds a touch of honey to the undertones of the tea.  The lemon balm and hibiscus add a sublime citrus aftertaste, making for a slightly sweet/tart flavor following the saccharine sweetness of the honeybush and chamomile.  The hops adds a hint of muskiness in the middle of the flavor profile.

The flavor is overall very delicious, and as the ingredients are especially geared towards relaxation, this makes this tea an excellent bedtime tea, as well as being fantastic for when you are sick.   I had the pleasure of receiving this tea in the mail the day of a minor surgery, where a breathing tube was inserted down my throat.  Later that evening, this tea drunk hot with lemon and honey was absolute bliss for my scratched and irritated throat!!  I would say this is a must-have herbal tea.

Liber-Teas describes this tea as:

My Relaxation Herbal Tea is all natural and naturally caffeine free. With all the stress in today’s world, we could all use a Relaxation Herbal Tea, right?

This tea is artistically crafted to be beautiful, fragrant, and delicious! And each and every one of the herbs is 100% organically grown:  {en:Chamomile},  {en:Lavender},  {en:Honeybush},  {en:Hops},  {en:Lemon_balm|Lemon Balm},  {en:Rosehips}, and {en:Hibiscus}. Vegan!

If you love herbal teas, you might just find a new favorite in Meadow Nocturne!  Relaxing, soothing, and delicious, with a very floral/herbal flavor profile.

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