Mint Green Tea from Disney Wonderland Tea

Disney Wonderland Mint Green teaJust like the theme parks, this Disney brand tea is fun, fun, fun! It’s Alice in Wonderland themed and focuses on the Mad Hatter and the tea party in the Disney film. The tea boasts that it is “The Official Un-birthday Tea.” The directions to make the tea are written by both the Mad Hatter and The Queen of Hearts.

The Queen of Hearts describes how to make iced tea as:

Don’t twiddle your fingers! Prepare tea as normal, but double the amount of tea. Once it is brewed, off with the heat! Refrigerate until cold (curtsy while your refrigerating, it saves time). Serve over ice, sweeten if desired, then…let me have it!

You can tell someone had a lot of fun designing the packaging of this tea and spent a lot of time on it, so much so that the actual tea bags seemed to have been a little neglected. I got a variety pack and in each different package are 8 tea bags in a foil wrapper. The tea bags themselves are quite plain (with no tea bag label) and are a little smaller than your average bag. There is also no list of individual ingredients so I can only assume that this tea has only Green Tea and mint in it (though there might be some natural flavors).

As for the actual taste, it is not bad. It is not the freshest or tastiest mint tea I’ve had, but it’s not bad. It’s not as strong as most mint teas which some people might prefer. In fact, I found that I liked to steep this tea much longer than normal because of the subtle nature of the mint flavor and the small size of the tea bag. But really, for tea this cute I would say it’s worth it!



I enjoyed this review… I probably would buy the tea just to have the boxes for my tea cabinet… it seems to be very fun! But, like most things that are purchased from Disneyland (or the other Disney parks) they are usually for “show” and not a lot of attention is paid to the actual product… it’s all about the face value.


Thanks! And really, the tea isn’t terrible or anything, and every time I look at the boxes I giggle. So it is totally worth getting in my book!


I have this tea. I also have a few more from Disney so I will be reviewing at least 1 of them soon! Thanks for writing this!

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