Mint Milk Tea from MOCCA

I really do like milk tea. It is thick and warming, but not too strong. This brand of milk tea had a nice added touch of mint. In a packet of milk tea, there is just powder. As you pour it out you can see small tiny sugar crystals but the rest just looks like fine sand which melts almost instantly in hot water.

The mint of this tea smells and tastes like a peppermint candy cane. Needless to say I was very happy to come across this tea in the holiday season as it felt very festive to me. This milk tea is a little sweeter than normal milk tea and I’m not sure if it is the brand or just the added mint flavor that does it.

The tea also doesn’t have chocolate in it which is something I expected. Instead is a blend of Black Tea that gives it a unique flavor I have not tasted anywhere else. I think there also might be a little bit of taro flavor as that is a popular milk tea flavor. (Taro is a root vegetable similar to a sweet potato with a more neutral, yet sweet, flavor.)

MOCCA describes this tea as:

The ingredients are: Sugar, non-dairy creamer, instant tea, whole milk powder and flavoring essence.

Clearly based on the ingredients this is not the most “natural’ of teas, but it is a nice treat to drink in wintertime. It is easy on the stomach and went very well with some Danish Christmas cookies a friend shared with me not too long ago. It leaves a nice mint flavor in your mouth after you are done as well!

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