Mojito Black Tea from Tea Noir

Mojito Black Tea

As a fan of the actual drink the Mojito, I was very eager to try Tea Noir’s take on it!  This was actually one of the first teas I ever tried from Tea Noir,  and it helped create a fan for life!

The Mojito tea is a refreshing, minty black tea blend that makes simply the best summer iced tea on earth.  Brew it up proper with a kettle, then let it cool and add ice and you have one fantastic iced tea.  Add fresh mint leaves for a touch of elegance 🙂  I really enjoyed the slight bite of lime with the mint, and the rum was not overpowering (indeed it’s more of a hint of rum) – it made a memorable iced tea that goes well with or without sweetener.

Tea Noir describes this tea as:

All the delicious flavour of a mojito, in a form that won’t get you busted for drinking it at work!

Mojito blends the crisp bite of lime with smooth rum, then spikes the brew with a shot of mint. This is a tea you won’t want to stop drinking, because the flavour gets more complex with every sip!

The base for this blend is premium, tippy Yunnan black tea, jazzed up with natural flavours and organic cut mint. It’s best drunk black or with a hint of sweetener – milk is kind of weird.

And indeed, milk IS kind of weird, and would not go well at all with this tea.  However besides recommending it for a perfect iced tea, it is also great as a hot brew, especially if you have a sore throat or cold!  I think this is a definite must-try tea!



I have had this blend and it is quite good. Looking forward to seeing the etsy store so I can order some.

The Tea Reviewer

Yes, I’m also waiting for Tea Noir to get back from her “moving house” hiatus and return to selling teas! 🙂

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