Momoko Melon Oolong from Liber-Teas

Momoko Melon Oolong from Liber-TeasAs soon as I opened the tin and admired the long oolong leaves, I inhaled the scent of melon – yum! Brewing up the tea, I found that the scent was slightly milder from the hot tea. The flavor was all there, though, even more so once I added just the tiniest pinch of sugar. (I don’t like my tea sweetened, and so by tiny pinch of sugar, I mean that one little packet of sugar lasts me for about 30 cups of tea.) Before the sugar, the melon flavor tasted a little like it was from near the rind of the melon; the pinch of sugar took that rindy note out entirely, and turned it into pure honeydew.

LiberTeas describes this tea as:

My melon tea tastes like fresh, juicy summer melons, paired perfectly with the natural peach-like flavor of Formosa Oolong Tea. This melon tea is one of my favorite summertime teas, as it makes a stunning iced beverage!

3 ounces of loose leaf, artistically crafted Momoko Melon Oolong tea in a beautiful plum tin that’s reusable! Check my other listings to for refill bags to refill your tin!

This flavor is nearly sold out, and I may not make another batch! So, if you want some, better get yours now!

I hope she does make more batches of this tea – it could easily become one of my all-time favorites if I knew I could get a steady supply of it.

The attractive plum tin, which holds about 32 teaspoon-sized servings of this tea
The attractive plum tin, which holds about 32 servings

As the product description mentions, this also makes a good iced tea (so many good quality Oolongs do!);  you’ll definitely want sugar in it if you ice it, to make sure the melon flavor doesn’t disappear in the cold.

According to LiberTeas, this tea can be re-steeped a second and even third time, making it more economical than at first glance (up to 96 servings!). In general, I do find that oolong teas are acceptable in a second steeping; they are less likely to taste bitter than Black Tea is when steeped a second time. And of course, the second steeping has the advantage of having much less caffeine – so you can drink it later in the evening!

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