Moon Crest from Earthbound Tea

Moon Crest Tea
Moon Crest Tea

This is a delightful Oolong from Earthbound tea.  It is a bit greener than my usual favorite Formosa Oolongs, and is also just a little sweeter, with stronger floral notes than a Formosa Oolong.  The tea prior to brewing offers a very nice aroma, slightly woodsy with floral overtones and grassy notes:  a very fresh fragrance!

The tea brews into a beautiful honey-colored liquid.  And the flavor is remarkable!   Hints of earthiness and grassy tones, but these do not overwhelm the cup.  The tea is very smooth, completely free of bitterness.  The flavor is very fresh and clean, with a very mild astringency, and as with the aforementioned Formosa Oolongs, it does offer sweet hints of peach flavor that I have come to expect in a good quality Oolong.

Earthbound Tea describes their Moon Crest Tea as…

The leaves of Moon Crest, a.k.a: Feng Huang Dan Cong, are handpicked from the bushes that grow on the Wudong peak of Phoenix Mountain in the Guangdong Province in China. The leaves are gathered twice a year when they are half opened, and processed by a method called “rattling.”

The light-golden clear infusion has a fragrant fruity aroma and a smooth refreshing flavor.

So some of you might be asking… what is “rattling”?  In The Story of Tea by Mary Lou Heiss and Robert J. Heiss, rattling is defined as a process of shaking tea leaves after they have been initially withered.  This is also known as “rocking the green” or “scratching the green” in Chinese.  This act of shaking (or rattling) the tea leaves causes the leaf cells to rupture, which begins the process of oxidation.  All Oolongs undergo a certain amount of oxidation, it is this procedure that yields the slightly greener quality of the Feng Huang Dan Cong Oolong.

Hold off on sweetening this tea, and if you do choose to sweeten, do so with a very light hand, unless you desire a very sweet tea as there is an inherent sweet quality to the flavor of this tea.

To my delight, I found that I was able to infuse this tea three times with no significant change in flavor… except that the second and third infusions were even more delicious than the first!  If you appreciate a good quality Oolong, then you should definitely give Moon Crest by Earthbound Tea a try!  I’m hooked!

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Jason Witt

I checked out the merchant selling this tea and I was surprised to find that it costs under $40 for a lb of it. It’s therefore one of the most affordable of any true Dan Cong Oolong on the market. It’s a great value to get a high-quality tea for such a low price.

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