Moroccan Mint Green Tea by Stash Tea

stash moroccan mint teaI drink a lot of mint tea, both in Black Tea blends, Green Tea blends and herbal blends. Most mint teas are made with either peppermint or spearmint, but this tea mixes both! I actually thought that maybe the 2 mints would not be good together since they do both have different flavors, but I was pleasantly surprised. Perhaps it was helped by the green tea base and some lemongrass as well.

Stash describes this tea as:

Stash blends China Young {en:Hyson} green tea, {en:spearmint} and {en:peppermint} from Oregon, and freshly cut {en:lemongrass} for our fragrant and delicious Moroccan Mint green tea.

The mints blend together nicely and don’t taste too overpowering at all. In fact, I was really expecting it to taste overwhelmingly, terrifyingly minty, but it wasn’t at all. While the first ingredient is green tea, I will admit that I couldn’t taste it at all, but the lemongrass does give it a slight citrus-y flavor. The spearmint gives the tea a slight sweet flavor while the peppermint packs the minty punch. It was a very nice cup of tea to enjoy in the afternoon!



Moroccan Mint Green Tea from Stash has been a favorite of mine for a number of years now. Delicious!
It is wonderful iced, also. 🙂


I just took my first sip of this tea. It’s quite good. I just wish it came decaffeinated.

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