Mulled Spice Tea from Culinary Teas

Mulled Spice from Culinary TeasHaving recently switched to drinking all of my teas with no added sweetener to them (in an effort to lose weight), I’ve been choosing teas that I think would taste best without sugar in them to drink.  This is one of those teas, naturally sweetened with the flavor of apples and mulling spices.

There is a definite ‘apple cider’ tone to the flavor and aroma; however the spices are strong enough that it is much more of a spiced tea than an apple tea, even though the apple is definitely noticeable as a flavor note.

Culinary Teas describes this tea as:

Our Mulled Spice tea is a wonderful tea with overtones of cinnamon and apple. A ‘Home Sweet Home’, aroma.

Made with all natural flavorings.

This tea is best served hot, especially during the fall and winter months.  As I mentioned, it does well without any sweetener, but if you like sugar in your tea I think it would probably balance out the strong spices a bit better.  Also does well with or without milk.

Cinnamon is a prevalent theme throughout this tea, including the aroma of the dried and spent leaves, the flavor and the aftertaste.  This is a PERFECT tea for fall and winter!  A must-buy!



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