My Tea Cups Haiku Teacups

My Tea Cups Original Tea Haiku Teacup

My Tea Cups Original Tea Haiku Teacup

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My Tea Cups Haiku Teacups

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These adorable haiku teacups really grabbed my attention, and held it long enough for me to want to add a “tea accessories” category to this tea review blog!  Because her charming handpainted cups are a stunning must-have accessory to your tea stash!

Alexis Siemons, the artisan behind these unique tea cups, has this to say about her tea at her Etsy shop:

there are those few precious moments while drinking tea, when you can just stop, breathe and imagine. each handwritten haiku cup is a reminder of those moments, when you can read a few lines and enjoy your favorite blend.

I was inspired to write each original haiku while sipping from my precious teacup, with only a pen and paper in hand.

steep. breathe. read. enjoy.

if you are seeking a gift that is a bit more personal, please contact me about creating custom haikus for a friend or special occasion.

each hand written and decorated cup is dishwasher and microwave safe.

Haikus are Copyright of Alexis Siemons (myteacups).

What a beautiful idea!!  As a tea drinker, I can honestly say that drinking my teas in cups such as these would certainly making drinking that tea much more enjoyable. She also reports that she is planning many more cups in the future, including colored cups!  Such beautiful and unique creations!


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That hand painted tea cup sure looks pretty good. You’re right drinking tea makes it more enjoyable,

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